Minimalist French Top Dot Nail Art Design Using Nugenesis Dip Powder

By | January 19, 2021

If you think that dipping powder manicure is all about dipping your nails into dip powder bottles after applying the basecoat, you are right in a way. However, you are off the mark if you feel that you cannot have nail art designs using dip powder. This blog explains how you get the perfect minimalist French Top Dot Nail Art design using Nugenesis colors.

Before we jump into the nail art procedure, let us get our apparatus in order. We also reiterate that it is essential to prepare your nail to ensure a durable dip nail art design. Pushing back the cuticles is critical because it can cause the nail polish to lift if you do not push them back. Secondly, you need to sanitize your nails thoroughly because we are going through a dangerous pandemic. A small wrong step can lead to disastrous repercussions.

Preparing nail care tools and equipment

Here is the apparatus that you should keep ready before attempting the minimalist French top dot nail art design using dip powder.

  • Basecoat, topcoat, activator gel, and Nugenesis dip powder
  • Nail buffing set
  • Nail liquid kit
  • Your favorite dip colors (different colors to experiment)

Let us now go through the process in detail.

Step by Step design French Top Dot Nail

The first step is to get the nails ready for the manicure. We presume that you have filed and shaped your nails correctly before sitting for the manicure. You should ensure that there are no sharp edges as they can affect the manicure.

Once you are ready with your nails, you should apply a thin coat of the bond. Allow the coating to dry before you proceed further. The next step is to apply the basecoat on the nail in a thin coat. A single stroke of the nail brush should be enough.

Dip your fingernail at a 45-degree angle into Nugenesis dip powder and create a French smile line. You have a choice of colors to use because Nugenesis offers a fantastic range of exciting colors.

You should tap your fingers to get rid of the excess dip powder. Subsequently, you should dip the same nail into the secondary color powder. When doing so, you should take care to avoid getting the powder into the cuticles. It is pertinent to note that the powder will stick to the basecoat wherever it is applied. Therefore, you should exercise greater care when using a basecoat.

You can repeat the above two procedures until you are satisfied with the opacity. The opaquer it is, the better is your Nugenesis nails manicure.

The Activator gel application is the next step in this procedure. This process can take a few minutes because the activator can take a couple of minutes to harden the powder. On hardening, you can buff and shape your nails again to give them the desired shape. The purpose behind using the activator is to prevent the top layers of dip powder from bleeding and soaking into the background color.

Now you can start with the nail art painting. Take Step 2 Base and paint a dot near the top of the nail bed. Pour some dip powder over the dot. Apply Step 2 Base on the entire nail and dip the nail into the base. You can use a fluffy brush to tap the excess powder from the nail.

The next step is to use the activator and apply it all over the design. You should allow the powder to harden. Once they do so, you can buff your nails and file them into shape.

Your design is now ready. It is advisable to wash your nails thoroughly. Use a lint-free towel or nail wipe saturated in alcohol to clean the nails. It sanitizes your nail and prevents bacterial buildup. Before you proceed, you should ensure to dry your nails completely. There should be no traces of any moisture on the nails.

The second coat of activator gel is necessary to harden the nails. The repeated activator coats help the dip powder to bond perfectly with the basecoat. As you have two different layers of powder, you need multiple treatments with the activator.

Finally, you can use the topcoat sealer that brings the glow to your nails. The topcoat does not take much time to dry. You can apply at least two layers of topcoat. If you add more than two sealer layers, it can prevent uniform drying and result in a gummy manicure.

This minimalistic French Top Dot Nail Art design can enhance your overall appearance to another level. The best aspect of this Nugenesis nails manicure is that you can experiment with an incredible color range.


The minimalist French design is trending all over 2021. Enjoy this minimal manicure to transition into the start of the fall season. You can now proudly show off your nails on social media and impress your friends and loved ones.