Mistakes to Avoid When Choosing Your Wedding Nail Manicure

By | March 16, 2021

Your wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion. You would love to get the best out of it. If a wedding day manicure is on your mind, you have a wide choice in front of you. These include acrylic, gel, dip powder, and press-on manicures. Of all these manicures, the gel manicure should be ideal for a wedding because of the glossy feel that looks great on videos and photographs.

When you plan for your wedding, your nails have a significant role in enhancing your overall beauty. Many people would be gazing at your hands, especially to have a glimpse of your wedding ring. Naturally, the nails come into focus more prominently than ever. Hence, it becomes essential to have an excellent manicure. Gel nail polish offers a fantastic range of colors to choose from.

While getting the best wedding day manicure is essential, one should avoid making the following nail wedding mistakes leading up to the D-day.

Not investing in appropriate nail tools

Generally, facial makeup occupies the maximum attention as you get ready for your wedding. Your clothes and other wedding accessories are always in your mind as the big day approaches near. People tend to forget about their nails and end up with shabby-looking nails close to the wedding. It is better to invest in the appropriate nail tools to enable yourself to be ready for the perfect wedding manicure.

The OPI gel nail kit is an excellent investment as it contains everything you need for the best wedding manicure. It includes your nail clippers, nail files, a buffer, brushes, lint-free wipes, and nail polish accessories. You can order your OPI nail supplies from us and have them delivered to your doorstep.

Using your hands extensively in the days leading to your wedding

Understandably, you will be busy in the days leading to your wedding. Experts say that using your hands too much in this period can cause your nails to chip at the most inopportune time. It pays to take care of your hands and nails, in particular before your wedding. Hence, one should have the spares, and replacement nail polishes ready to cater to any emergency that could crop up. While ordering your nail polish kit, you should ensure to have an extra nail polish bottle of the same color you plan to wear for your wedding.

Having unrealistic expectations is not advisable

Your wedding day will have the maximum number of people gazing at your hands and nails. Many people have unrealistic expectations and try to impress people by wearing colors that do not suit their skin tone. They do not realize that such tactics can backfire. It is always advisable to trust your instincts and go with colors that suit your skin tone. Besides, your wedding outfit plays a critical role. It is better to choose the nail polish color depending on your skin tone, wedding outfit, and wedding ring color.

Not having a dress rehearsal can prove disastrous

Beauty experts advise having a proper dress rehearsal a couple of nights before your wedding to check out your outfit, nail manicures, and other cosmetic arrangements. You can experiment with various shades, designs, and nail polish colors to zero in on the perfect combination. Your face, hair, and wedding attire are crucial, but you should not ignore your nails too. They can play a pivotal part in enhancing your overall beauty.

Going to the nail salon with oily nail surfaces

Many women apply creams and lotions on their skin to smoothen it and look presentable on the wedding day. However, using too much lotion on your fingers can cause the oils to seep onto the nail beds. Oily nail beds can interfere with the perfect wedding manicure. Hence, you should ensure to wash your nails thoroughly with soap and sanitizers before you proceed to the nail salon for your wedding nail manicure. All OPI gel colors works best on dry nails.

Wasting time till the last minute can backfire

People keep procrastinating when it comes to having nail manicures. They keep postponing things until it becomes too late. You should be ready with your wedding nail manicure at least two to three days before the wedding. It will give you time to get accustomed to the nail polish. It also ensures that your nail polish is not wet on your wedding day. You could end up spoiling your wedding attire.


We have discussed the various mistakes to avoid when preparing your wedding nail manicure. Keep watching this dedicated space for expert tips on having different styles of wedding nails. These tips could help you choose the perfect wedding day manicure and impress your friends, spouse, and other loved ones. Avoiding these mistakes discussed above and adopting the best wedding day nail styles can make your nails Instagram-ready.