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How can you extend the life of your peel off manicure?

Peel-Off Nail Polish is awesome for such huge numbers of reasons: Expedient, simple application. No evacuation liquid or instruments required. Can be removed wherever, whenever. Does not harm the nails or dry them out Free from Camphor, Formaldehyde, resin DPB and Toluene. Non-poisonous nail polish formula and water-based (our first). A typical Peel-Off mani with… Read More »

Are Nail Polishes Bad For Your Health?

If you give your health serious thoughts, you’ve probably long been addicted to studying labels: on washing items, toiletries, candle lights, and, of course, meals, from the use-by date to the ingredients. However, there’s a crucial item we all almost fail to look into and that’s our nail polish. The truth is, how often have… Read More »

Yoga for weight loss

Too much of weight is a big problem. It is a root of many serious diseases. The diseases like diabetes, physical illness, heart diseases, obesity etc can affect your lifestyle at large and can even lead to death. You should therefore always remain fit. There are many exercises programmes that have especially been designed to treat the… Read More »