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How to Remove Nail Dip Gel Powder

Your durable gel manicure last for weeks with no chips, and your nail color looks as new and fresh as the first day you did your gel manicure. However, your nails have grown out and it’s time to change out your polish. You are thinking, my gel manicure is hard to remove since the manicure has lasted for weeks with no chips, and no color wearing away. Right? Fortunately, you are wrong!  With the simple steps we will discuss today, your gel manicure will be as easy to take off as it was to put on!

Credit: momcurls.com

Items You Will Need

  1. Nail File
  2. Water
  3. Paper Towels
  4. Acetone – Pure Grade Only
  5. One large glass dish
  6. One bowl large enough for two hands or two smaller bowls for each hand.

Shine Removal

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to completely remove the shine off your nails.
  2. Remove the nail shine by filing the whole nail surface.
  3. The nail shine needs to be removed totally with your file.
  4. Removing the shine thoroughly will make removing your gel power manicure take less time.

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This is How You Do a Perfect Dip Powder Manicure

With the best nail dipping system, you can now easily get gorgeous nails that won’t disappoint. You can flaunt them for weeks without fear that they will get chipped after only a few days of application, unlike those nails that are coated with a regular nail polish. Dip manicures are a hybrid between a manicure and fake nails and can last two to four weeks. They are thinner and do not need a lot of filing, as well as special tools to do. They also leave a more natural finish, while they are easier to apply and are not likely to lift. To do a dip manicure, you won’t need any odorous liquid monomer or a UV light. If there will be any broken or split nails (which are most unlikely to happen), you can just cover it with this lightweight overlay of powder and resin.

It may seem interesting to know that you can do your nails with a dipping powder system even on your own. You can just follow the easy and detailed process provided below.

1. Prepare Your Nails

Just like when you do your nails with a regular polish, you will also need to have the surface of your nails properly cleaned and cut before the color is applied to them. Have any hangnails trimmed and those nail cuticles pushed gently to uncover portions of the lunula which might have been buried in your cuticle as the nail grows.

If there is an old polish on your nails, you need to make sure that it is completely removed with a non-acetone polish remover on a lint-free pad. Allow new nail growth to show as this will help extend the life of your manicure. Use a cuticle pusher to gently push the cuticles slightly back from your nails. You may also remove any excess cuticle that seems to be sticking up with a cuticle trimmer or a scraper.

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How To Remove Nail Polish On Your Skin Easily

It is not uncommon that your nail polish may find its way on your skin while you are doing a manicure or pedicure. Your nail polish remover may just be the easiest solution for the spill, but it is not the best thing to have on your skin. Your regular nail polish is formulated to contain acetone that can dry and result in skin fungus. Your best option would be one of these natural nail polish removers.

Remove Nail Polish On Your Skin

  1. No-acetone nail polish remover. Fortunately, there are nail polish remover brands that have been made without acetone. You can dip the cotton-covered edge of an orange stick or a cotton swab on the formula and wipe the stains off your skin. Once done, apply some cuticle oil, cream or jelly on the skin to naturally hydrate the skin as well as the nails.

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What are the benefits of cheerleading?

Much the same as those brilliant tufts on the field, the advantages of cheerleading are anything but difficult to spot. In the event that your children need to join a cheerleading squad, they are en route to great wellbeing and a decent temperament. This high-impact movement is extraordinary for muscles, bones and the heart. Besides, when others watch you exercise, the psychological advantages are lasting. Source

It Builds Strong Bones

While numerous individuals contend that jumping can damage your joints and knees, research tends to disagree. Continue reading