How to Remove Nail Dip Gel Powder

By | June 18, 2018

Your durable gel manicure last for weeks with no chips, and your nail color looks as new and fresh as the first day you did your gel manicure. However, your nails have grown out and it’s time to change out your polish. You are thinking, my gel polish manicure is hard to remove since the manicure has lasted for weeks with no chips, and no color wearing away. Right? Fortunately, you are wrong!  With the simple steps we will discuss today, your gel manicure will be as easy to take off as it was to put on!


Items You Will Need

  1. Nail File
  2. Water
  3. Paper Towels
  4. Acetone – Pure Grade Only
  5. One large glass dish
  6. One bowl large enough for two hands or two smaller bowls for each hand.

Shine Removal

  1. The first thing you will need to do is to completely remove the shine off your nails.
  2. Remove the nail shine by filing the whole nail surface.
  3. The nail shine needs to be removed totally with your file.
  4. Removing the shine thoroughly will make removing your gel power manicure take less time.

Acetone Soak Preparation

  1. Set out your large bowl.
  2. Make sure your large bowl is big enough to put two small bowls for each hand or one large bowl for both hands inside the larger bowl.
  3. Fill your largest bowl with about a half-inch of water.
  4. Warm up the water in your microwave for about two minutes. The water should be warm, but not boiling water temperature.
  5. Place your large bowl for both hands inside the larger bowl or if you have two smaller bowls for each hand place the two bowls inside the larger bowl.
  6. Place a folded paper towel on the bottom of the two-small bowls for each hand or one large bowl for both hands.
  7. Pour enough acetone to cover your nails while soaking.

Soaking Procedure

  1. Soak your nails for ten minutes, making sure all your nails are immersed in the soaking solution.
  2. Make sure your acetone solution is at a comfortable warm temperature to avoid scalding your skin.
  3. While soaking your nails rub your nails on the paper towel. By rubbing your nails on the folded paper towel, you will speed up the removal of the dnd gel polish.
  4. Normal soaking time is ten to fifteen minutes.

Some Quick Tips

  1. To reduce the unpleasant odor of the acetone, place a towel over your hands to keep the acetone odor inside the bowl.
  2. Opening your windows will help vent out the acetone smell.
  3. Any residue left behind after soaking can be removed easily with a file.


Everyone likes a long-lasting gel powder polish manicure. The manicure lasts for weeks and usually the only reason you must change the color is because your nails have grown out or you are ready for a new nail color. With a few simple steps, your nails are ready for your new polish!