How to Have OPI Soak off Gel Lacquer Manicure at Home?

Who does not like to have nail polish on their nails to look beautiful? While you have different nail manicure techniques available, gel polish has stood the test of time and is amongst the favorites of women of all ages. One of the positive things that work in its favor is that the coating is thin, unlike the dip powder manicures where the powder coats thicken the nail surface considerably. Today, you have special techniques and products like OPI soak off gel lacquer that enhance the fun quotient of having a gel manicure. This blog discusses applying soak-off gel lacquer polish on your nails at home.

How to Have OPI Soak off Gel Lacquer Manicure at Home

Step by Step OPI Soak off Gel Lacquer Manicure at Home

Get your apparatus in order

Before you start any manicure, one should get their things in order. You cannot search for your nail manicure items amid a manicure as it can damage the polish job. So, the first thing you do is assemble your products at a single location. You can buy OPI polish online from our website. You get an extensive range of products delivered right to your home.

Have your nail clippers, nail files, buffs, alcohol, nail polish removers, cotton swabs, OPI soak-off gel lacquer, UV or LED lamp, topcoat application, and other items ready.

Prepare your nails for the manicure

Prep your nails by cutting and filing them into the desired shape. It would not be possible to cut your nails after the manicure. Hence, it is better to get the desired shape and smooth out the edges to ensure a perfect job. While doing so, you should remove the traces of existing polish by using nail polish removers. Use alcohol to disinfect your nails and cleanse them thoroughly.

While prepping your nails for the manicure, you should not forget the cuticles. The ideal treatment is to push the cuticles into their grooves using a cuticle pusher. The idea is not to get your OPI soak-off gel lacquer on your cuticles, as it could end up lifting the polish and damaging the manicure.

Dry your nails thoroughly

Use a dryer to dry your nails and remove all traces of moisture or alcohol from the nails. You can try out a hairdryer and direct the hot air towards the nail. Alternatively, the UV or LED lamp is an ideal place to dry your nails. You can place your fingers inside the UV lamp for around 30 seconds to remove all moisture from the nail surface.

Apply the gel soak off lacquer polish

Use a thin brush to apply the gel polish on your nails using straight strokes starting from the nail base towards the edges. While painting your nails, you should ensure not to have multiple layers before drying the previous layer. The ideal way is to apply one layer and cure it under the UV/LED lamp for 30 seconds. Subsequently, you can apply the second coating if required. You can apply as many coats as you want, but curing the nails after each layer is crucial.

When applying the nail polish, you should not forget to cap the tip. It entails painting a separate layer of gel polish over the tip to avoid lifting from the edges.

Cure your nail polish under the UV lamp

Cure your OPI soak off gel polish under the UV lamp four fingers at a time. The ideal way is to quickly cure four fingers of one hand, followed by the other hand. Finally, you can place the two thumbs inside the UV lamp and cure the polish on the thumbnail.

Apply the topcoat layer

The topcoat layer application is crucial as it provides a tacky finish to your nails. Using thin strokes, you can apply the topcoat layers, but every layer requires curing under the UV lamp. If you like a matte finish to your manicure, a couple of topcoat layers should suffice. However, applying multiple layers of topcoats enhances the glossy feel.

Cure the topcoat layer

Place your polished nails under the UV lamp for a minimum of 30 seconds after every coat to cure the polish layers. If you do not do so, the polish can get sticky. Also, curing the polish layers makes it tacky to touch.

Now, your OPI gel manicure is over. This manicure can comfortably last for three to four weeks. However, it is better to massage your nails with cuticle oil frequently. It helps to retain the shine and also extends the manicure’s life.

Final Words

One point to remember when having your gel manicure is that you should go for the best quality products. You can buy OPI gel polish online to ensure that you get the highest quality products every time. As you see, it is easy to have your OPI soak-off gel lacquer manicure at home.