Every Aspect You Should Know about a High-quality Dip Manicure

By | April 12, 2022

Have you ever visited a nail salon for a manicure? You would be astounded at the different types of manicures available. The dipping powder procedure ranks the best of these manicures because of its durability, attractiveness, simplicity, and range of colors and designs. Besides, dipping powder manicures are the easiest of all because they do not involve using a UV lamp to cure the polish layers. Furthermore, it does not require much skill to master the technique. Hence, you can have the Nugenesis colors procedure at home.

Dip Powder Manicure

Know Everything about the Dip Powder Manicure

Get your manicure kit in order

Before starting with your dip manicure, you get your manicure kit in order. The kit contains nail files, nail buffs, the basecoat, topcoat application, Nugenesis dip colors, cuticle pushers, cuticle oil, alcohol wipes, acetone, brushes, etc.

The idea behind keeping your kit in order is that you need not go searching for a crucial component at the last minute. For example, a dip powder topcoat can dry quickly.

Start by preparing your nails for the manicure

Use a sterilized nail cutter to trim the nails into shape. The nail file proves handy in smoothing the edges. The nail buff helps remove existing nail polish and rough up the nail surface. You can use acetone-dipped cotton swabs to clean stubborn nail polish residue. Alcohol wipes prove useful in sanitizing your nails and cleansing the surface of all debris.

Use a high-quality cuticle pusher to push the cuticles back into their grooves. Applying cuticle oil to the cuticles serves a dual purpose. First, it prevents the dip powder and basecoat from sticking to the cuticles. Besides, it soothes the cuticles and prevents them from snapping off.

The actual manicure process

Once you prepare your nails for the manicure, you can start the process by applying a basecoat. Use a clean brush and apply the basecoat in straight lines starting from the base. It is advisable to leave a small portion near the cuticles to avoid the cuticles interfering with the manicure. One should not apply more than one layer of basecoat.

Dip your nails into the Nugenesis dip colors bottle and get a generous layer of powder on your nails. You need not worry about the powder on your cuticles because you can dust them off using a brush. The dip powder sticks to the basecoat alone. Tap your nails to let the excess powder fall off.

Alternatively, you can sprinkle dip powder from the bottle on your nails. It is a comparatively hygienic procedure. Besides, it does not waste dip powder. Finally, use a brush to even out the powder layer on your nails.

Check out whether you have applied sufficient powder at the edges using a brush. You can add your favorite colors now. However, you should not make the layer thick because it affects the manicure’s durability.

Apply a coat of activator gel over the dip powder to allow it to bond with the basecoat. One layer of activator gel should be sufficient.

Finally, apply the topcoat layer over the powder layers in straight lines starting at the edges and moving towards the base. You can apply as many layers of topcoat application as you want. One or two layers can result in a matte finish, while a glossy finish requires more than two coats.

The Nugenesis nail dip top coat dries quickly within a couple of minutes. Furthermore, it does not require curing under a UV lamp. Hence, your nails do not get exposed to UV radiation. Therefore, the dipping powder manicure qualifies as the healthiest of all manicures.

The Advantages of Dip Powder Manicure

Dipping powder manicure has various benefits that make it the most popular manicure.

The dip powder manicure lasts for three to four weeks comfortably without touch-ups.

You do not experience problems like nail lifting or cracking with the dipping powder manicure. However, you should follow the proper procedure like adequate prepping and pushing the cuticles well into their grooves.

An exciting range of dipping powder color options is available. Nugenesis dip colors offer excellent choices.

The dipping powder manicure does not require curing under a UV lamp. Hence, you do not expose your nails to ultraviolet radiation.

It is the easiest of all manicures. In contrast, gel polish requires you to be ambidextrous. Hence, people prefer dipping powder as a DIY procedure instead of visiting a nail salon.

Removing dipping powder manicures is also an easy process. However, it involves soaking your nails in acetone, a dehydrating agent. Therefore, your nails and skin can get dry. So, you have to allow your nails to recuperate after removing the dipping powder.

Final Thoughts

We have discussed the entire dipping powder manicure in this article. It should be easy for anyone to practice the technique and master it at home.