Rock a Stone Marble Nail Design This Coming Autumn Season

By | June 6, 2019

If you frequent Instagram or Pinterest or any other social media platform for that matter, you may have seen those stone-like painted nails. Well, that’s not something unusual because marble art is still one of the most sought-after nail trends among women. It looks elegant and difficult but surprisingly, this stone marble nail design is something that you can pull off yourself.

Rock a Stone Marble Nail Design

Autumn season is just a few months away and you will surely need a new nail art ideas that will have you covered the entire season. Here are some that you can try:

  1. Mauve and Metallic Look

If you are not yet ready to dive into darker colors, you can begin your transition to a mauve effect. The pale purple color doesn’t look that dark and can be easily complimented with anything due to its semi-nude shade. If you don’t have a mauve DND gel polish, you can achieve another mauve shade by using LDS D81 Chocolate and LDS Base powder. Then accentuating it is up to you. You can use LDS D54 Limited Edition to make the muted look more festive.

  1. Stone Marble Design

Marble design can’t only be used in kitchen countertop because it is now the latest nail trend today. Yeah, nail designs that are inspired from the beautiful kitchen countertop in our house can now be done by anyone easily. By simply following tutorials online, you can now attend your fall or autumn formal events wearing this nail art and your hands will surely standout in from the crowd. It might even cause envy to many so be prepared.

  1. Brown Marble

Using the same sets of products, you can create another marble look by coating your entire nail bed brown then the marble veins effects is up to you. It is simple, gorgeous and doesn’t require too much retouch because you are using nail dipping powder. You can surely enjoy your nails for weeks.

  1. Marble and Rhinestones

Now that you already know how to create a stone marble nail design on your own, you can improve the look by adding rhinestones on it. Rhinestones on nails might be a little too much for everyday look but it would make a great nail art idea for special occasion. This smashing design will turn your marble look to something avant-garde in an instant.

  1. Marble Mix

You’ve got the brown, the black, the white, the glittered effect and the rhinestones. It’s time to put everything on your nails and a magical marble mix. This is everything you could ever want your nails to look like and with all those things mentioned above, this is definitely what marble nails should be. It is without a doubt glamorous, sophisticated and most especially picture-perfect. With all these nail art ideas, your talons are now ready to rock on any shots regardless of the season. To give your nail designs an even longer lasting power, don’t forget to use LDS nail dipping powder.