What Did the Introduction of Gel Polish Kit Help You?

There is no woman who does not dream of having fashionable and beautiful nails and hands that always look healthy and attractive. Answer to the question “Is there any method to keep the nails beautiful with eye-catching shapes?” It’s gel polish and gel polish kit. In modern times, most girls and women are often stressed because they must always try to balance family life and work. Because of this, nail care or keep nails long seems to be very difficult for women. New nail technologies were born, in which, gel polish nail was born as a “savior” for women’s beauty desires. Now! Let’s talk about gel polish colors and gel polish kit for girl.

What Is Gel Nail Polish?

What did the introduction of gel polish kit help you?

First, we need to find out” what is nail polish?” In short, it is a compound containing many chemicals to create “color boxes” capable of coloring to beautify the nails of the hands more prominent and attractive. There are two types: regular nail polish colors and gel polish colors.

Gel polish nail color is a viscous chemical compound that is applied to the nails to increase the thickness of the nails, have a shiny, durable, and very aesthetic appearance. Gel nail polish works better than acrylic powder in many ways, but to do so requires its own catalyst to help harden quickly, …

There are a lot of types of gel polish, but not all of them can be used. Choosing the wrong product, you will suffer unpredictable consequences.

The Harm of Low-quality Nail Gel Polish

The US Agency for Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) issued a warning, a normal bottle of poor quality gel nail polish is composed of coloring factor and polishing liquid, mainly consisting of acetone, ethyl acetate, dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde.

Among the harmful substances in color gel nail polish, the most dangerous are 3 chemicials: dibutyl phthalate, formaldehyde and toluene, which have serious impacts on the health of users as well as nail workers. In the world, many have also been recorded. cases of birth defects, necrosis, poisoning, cancer… are directly related to the long-term use of fake nail polish. Before the dangers of regular nail polish, nails have a very good absorbent ability, so toxins can be easily absorbed into the blood. The more time and concentration of exposure, the more dangerous it is to health. Toluene is an additive in gasoline, in nail polish is used as a solvent to make nails smooth and keep the color for a long time. However, this substance can affect the central nervous system and harm fertility.

Girls, who apply more layers of nail gel polish, the higher the toxicity. You guys regularly paint your nails are also susceptible to nail fungus caused by Candida or Trychophyton. The manifestation of nail fungus is the appearance of white opaque dots near the base of the nail, which will gradually become inflamed, hot, and red … At the same time, you can also easily spread the disease when the manicure and pedicure tools outside the salon are not removed. coincide. Beauty is a legitimate need, but it can seriously affect your health if you are not careful.

The Most Astonishing Gel Polish Colors and Gel Polish Kit in 2021

LDS gel polish nail color is similar to LDS regular nail polish, with the number of colors up to nearly 180 colors and the color standard as shown in the color chart with only 2 layers of paint. Gel polish is mainly composed of two main components: polymer powder and monomer solution. When they react with each other, polymer fibers are formed. These polymer fibers when dry will be difficult to separate or remove, especially on nails. LDS Gel polish also includes other ingredients such as oligomers, which give the gel polish a beautiful and natural color, and LDS gel polish is added with natural ingredients, moisturizing oils and nutrients to help nourish the real nails.

Why is it said that LDS gel polish kit is very suitable for girls? Because the girl always wants to try all the colors and have a lot of funny experiences when doing nails. LDS kit at a very reasonable price with 6 different colors including gel polish and regular nail polish, in addition, the kit also includes gel base and diamond top gel, plus a nail strengthener to help nails outstanding strong. This gel nail polish kit is definitely what you need to create the most special and shiny nail set.

Final thought

Have you ever tried to do gel nail? If not yet, you should try it as soon as possible. It is the best solution to solve your problems with weak and unhealthy nail. At the same time, with pretty good deal, LDS gel polish kit will make you happy!