Minimalist French Top Dot Nail Art Design Using Nugenesis Dip Powder

If you think that dipping powder manicure is all about dipping your nails into dip powder bottles after applying the basecoat, you are right in a way. However, you are off the mark if you feel that you cannot have nail art designs using dip powder. This blog explains how you get the perfect minimalist French Top Dot Nail Art design using Nugenesis colors.

Before we jump into the nail art procedure, let us get our apparatus in order. We also reiterate that it is essential to prepare your nail to ensure a durable dip nail art design. Pushing back the cuticles is critical because it can cause the nail polish to lift if you do not push them back. Secondly, you need to sanitize your nails thoroughly because we are going through a dangerous pandemic. A small wrong step can lead to disastrous repercussions.

Preparing nail care tools and equipment

Here is the apparatus that you should keep ready before attempting the minimalist French top dot nail art design using dip powder.

  • Basecoat, topcoat, activator gel, and Nugenesis dip powder
  • Nail buffing set
  • Nail liquid kit
  • Your favorite dip colors (different colors to experiment)

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SNS Nails Supplies – Secrets That Need Revealing

Women worldwide have used nail polish in some form or the other for centuries to beautify their nails. Things might have changed a lot over the years, but the secrets of an exquisite nail manicure remain the same. Here are some of the top secrets that need revealing to make your life easier.

How often should you have a nail manicure? – Three weeks should be ideal

Gel polish lovers would recommend that one should have a nail manicure every 14 days. However, people using quality products like SNS dip powder can have one every three weeks. Extending the manicure further can cause the nails to break and peel. Moisture could get under the polish and lead to problems like nail fungus. Continue reading

Rock a Stone Marble Nail Design This Coming Autumn Season

If you frequent Instagram or Pinterest or any other social media platform for that matter, you may have seen those stone-like painted nails. Well, that’s not something unusual because marble art is still one of the most sought-after nail trends among women. It looks elegant and difficult but surprisingly, this stone marble nail design is something that you can pull off yourself.

Rock a Stone Marble Nail Design

Autumn season is just a few months away and you will surely need a new nail art ideas that will have you covered the entire season. Here are some that you can try:

  1. Mauve and Metallic Look

If you are not yet ready to dive into darker colors, you can begin your transition to a mauve effect. The pale purple color doesn’t look that dark and can be easily complimented with anything due to its semi-nude shade. If you don’t have a mauve DND gel polish, you can achieve another mauve shade by using LDS D81 Chocolate and LDS Base powder. Then accentuating it is up to you. You can use LDS D54 Limited Edition to make the muted look more festive.

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This is How You Do a Perfect Dip Powder Manicure

With the best nail dipping system, you can now easily get gorgeous nails that won’t disappoint. You can flaunt them for weeks without fear that they will get chipped after only a few days of application, unlike those nails that are coated with a regular nail polish. Dip manicures are a hybrid between a manicure and fake nails and can last two to four weeks. They are thinner and do not need a lot of filing, as well as special tools to do. They also leave a more natural finish, while they are easier to apply and are not likely to lift. To do a dip manicure, you won’t need any odorous liquid monomer or a UV light. If there will be any broken or split nails (which are most unlikely to happen), you can just cover it with this lightweight overlay of powder and resin.

It may seem interesting to know that you can do your nails with a dipping powder system even on your own. You can just follow the easy and detailed process provided below.

1. Prepare Your Nails

Just like when you do your nails with a regular polish, you will also need to have the surface of your nails properly cleaned and cut before the color is applied to them. Have any hangnails trimmed and those nail cuticles pushed gently to uncover portions of the lunula which might have been buried in your cuticle as the nail grows.

If there is an old polish on your nails, you need to make sure that it is completely removed with a non-acetone polish remover on a lint-free pad. Allow new nail growth to show as this will help extend the life of your manicure. Use a cuticle pusher to gently push the cuticles slightly back from your nails. You may also remove any excess cuticle that seems to be sticking up with a cuticle trimmer or a scraper.

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