Yoga for weight loss

Too much of weight is a big problem. It is a root of many serious diseases. The diseases like diabetes, physical illness, heart diseases, obesity etc can affect your lifestyle at large and can even lead to death. You should therefore always remain fit. There are many exercises programmes that have especially been designed to treat the problem of weight-gain. However, ancient ways and means such as Yoga is one of the reliable ways and means that has been practiced by the people at large. Prevailing from ancient times, the Asanas as Yoga directs are a perfect guide to lose your weight at the earliest.

Try these following Yoga postures to lose weight quickly and swiftly.

Setu Bandh

This is also called as the bridge pose. All you need to do is to lie down on your back and bend your knees. Your knees should be bended in such a way making your knees rest on the floor. Further, the distance between your buttocks and the knees shall be same as that of your hands. Lift your body in upward direction. Try doing this position for 5-10 times and then release. This asana is very good to relieve the pain in your thighs and lower back.


This is one of the amazing Yoga postures to lose weight. For this, you need to sit down on the floor as same as Vajrasana position. Fold your hands into fists and place them over your stomach in such a manner that your joints could touch your navel. Press these fists against your abdomen. Maintaining the same position, try to touch the gorund with your forhead and try bending downwards as much as you can. Hold the said position for 20 seconds and then release. This posture would help in reducing the belly fat.


Also known as the bow pose, this is one of the excellent Yoga postures to lose weight that helps you in maintaining a toned figure. You need to lie down on the floor with your belly touching the ground. Place your arms besides your chest. You need to take a deep breath and lift your hands and thighs up. Try catching your legs with your hands simultaneously. Hold this posture for 30 seconds and then release.


In this asana, you need to lie down on your belly with your hands resting below your thighs. Your forehead and chin should rest on the floor. Now, try lifting your left leg up to 10 inches. You must not bend your knees. Try doing the same with your right leg too. Likewise, try lifting both the legs together.


In the halasana, you need to lie down and try lifting your legs in the upward direction keeping your hands on your back. This is known as Sarvanagasana. Maintaining the same pose, try to bring your leg downwards from over your head.

These remarkable yoga postures to lose weight are surely going to help you shedding a lot of weight from your body. Try these asanas now. These easy to learn asanas would make you slim as ever.