Interval bodybuilding training and its benefits

Exercising to remain fit is great. But exercising in a proper manner is even better. Have you ever dreamt about a physique where every part of your muscle looks toned and ripped? You can now achieve the same physique that you have always dreamt about. Thanks to the high intensity interval training. This is one of the most effective means especially to rapidly lose the body fat and improving your cardiovascular conditioning, thereby making your body look toned and fit. You should therefore look forward to performing the interval bodybuilding training in order to burn your body fat quick.

Here is how the effective interval bodybuilding training is performed:

Aerobic interval training:- Aerobic is the best means of burning fat. Not only it burns fat, but also makes the endurance of your body stronger. The fresher’s to interval training shall go for the aerobic interval trainingfor sure. The basic interval training here is involving longer work periods which is followed by shorter rest periods. The work period generally lasts for 2 to 5 minutes. The rest interval lasts for 30 seconds. The mantra here is, the shorter the rest period, the tougher the training will be.

Maximal high-intensity interval training:- This is one of the very effective interval bodybuilding training as it is very effective for fat loss and cardio training. Rest periods in this training can be short or long depending upon the shape of a person. However, rest period should be at least as long as the work periods as to allow enough recovery to be able to perform well on the next work period.

Sub-maximal intensity interval training:- This training is important for burning fat and building up cardiovascular conditioning. It is very effective for weight loss and increasing the metabolism. The resistance here is increased to a higher level to a set period time and then is decreased in a manner. The intervals here are comparatively longer.

Near-maximal Aerobic interval training: – This is a combination of aerobic interval training with the maximal interval training and is unique and effective interval bodybuilding training system. It burns high amount of calories for a longer period. The work periods here are short and the rest periods are even shorter.

Fartlek training: – This training has been derived from a Swedish word, Fartlek meaning speed play. It follows a simple concept of training where you can start up with jogging, then walk, then sprint, then walk again, then running and so on. It helps you to keep your cardio interesting.

Advantages of interval bodybuilding training

1. It burns more calories and body fats than low intensity training.

2. It stimulates the metabolism and you can continue to burn calories for longer period.

3. It improves the sport performance and is an aid for all the sport-persons.

So, ditch your lower intensity programme now and follow this high-intensity interval body building training to get in your desired shape. Hurry up!