Are Nail Polishes Bad For Your Health?

If you give your health serious thoughts, you’ve probably long been addicted to studying labels: on washing items, toiletries, candle lights, and, of course, meals, from the use-by date to the ingredients. However, there’s a crucial item we all almost fail to look into and that’s our nail polish.

The truth is, how often have you actually thought about how our lovely nail polishes are being produced? Maybe because it isn’t permanent, maybe because we can file our nails and clip it, maybe because we never truly realized— whatever the purpose, even the most health-conscious people find that their consideration of what they are actually applying to their bodies where the nails polish touches.

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Indeed our fingernails are also part of our body, after all, and we need to consider how we take care of them. At this point, we need to start looking at fingernail polish components, and the hazards some of them can cause.
Yes, hazards. Well, we don’t want to get you frightened or say something that will make you abandon your safe nail polish entirely. All you need is our recommendation on what to avoid when you’re selecting your ideal polish, and of course, what to look out for. Continue reading.


The most important elements to look out for when you’re thinking about getting a new container of polish are regarded as the “toxic trio”: formaldehyde, toluene and dibutyl phthalate. Formaldehyde as you know, the substance used in embalming, and it is known to be a carcinogen to humans. That lovely glowing gold nail polish is beginning to look less attractive to you, right? What exactly do these substances do to our bodies? According to a research at the Registry of the centres of disease prevention and control, formaldehyde is known to cause neurological effects, eye and nasal irritation decreased body weight, increased risk of allergy or asthma, eczema, kidney damage, liver damage and gastrointestinal ulcers were observed on experimented animals that were exposed to it.

We know some of you are already saying you don’t drink your DND gel nail polish so there’s really nothing to worry about. There are a lot of chemicals and gasses floating around in the air. This worry seems too extreme. What’s more, the researchers examined urine samples from participants and the following discoveries were made:
In about 15 hours after applying polish to their nails, they had their DPHP levels that were regular increased over 7 times as it had been before the experimentation. When it was about 21 hours from when polish was applied, the DPHP level got to its peak and gradually reduced, showing that the fingernails polish could be a reason for short-term TPP exposure.

Who could have guessed that something meant to beautify and make a lady appear so pretty can as well be ugly?


What exactly does a beauty addict do after getting this information? Well, you definitely do not have to panic.
And if you seem so anxious, or want to encourage and still patronize manicurists? Always insist, buy and use polishes that are non-toxic! A lot of polishes sold today have labels so ensure you go through them before taking your pick. “3-Free” indicates the polish is without any “toxic group of 3,” and “5-Free” indicates it is without any those, plus derivative formaldehyde resins and camphor.

For example some safety products such as: bio seaweed gel, kiara sky polish,  dnd nail polish …
When you’re in doubt, and of course you should be when it comes to whatever you apply to your body, always go through the folks label!