How would you like to rock the new SNS nails design?

By | November 30, 2017

All you shellac addicts, listen up: there’s a new manicure procedure that is cheaper, won’t ruin your nails and doesn’t require to be placed beneath a UV/LED light? It is called Signature Nail Systems or SNS for short and after so much hype and publicity; we can’t wait to try it out. Here are a few tips you need to know about SNS nails.

SNS nails


What SNS really is.

SNS is a concept that uses brush-on gel base that when dipped in a powder that comes in several colours, the nails come out good. The powder is available in natural white and pink for a French manicure style and other range of colours too.

The powder which consists of Acrylic Ester Polymer, Titanum Dioxide and other elements, which are all organically processed, lends strength to the nails.

The Benefits of SNS nails

  1. No UV/LED light is needed to set it up.

SNS does not need UV lighting for it to be bond to the fingernails, unlike acrylic and shellac nails.

One research by the Department of Skin care at Georgia Regents School, found that while the amount of UV rays generated by UV/LED light during a single manicure session is not a problem, but prolonged usage could cause skin damage if the light isn’t a good one.

SNS will give you the kind of nails you need if the radiation is an issue for you.

  1. It is powerful, but feels light.

It’s more resilient yet more versatile than conventional acrylics, and the nail powders gives it more strength than gels do.

It also feels light on the fingernail. It is a simple and quick application, a benefit for both customers and nail artists, and because there isn’t much filing, there isn’t much dirt or dust that is associated with other products.

  1. SNS nails are so thin and they look natural. They are thinner than the conventional acrylic and shellac nails. There are also a lot of aesthetic benefits of using acrylic nails.


How to maintain SNS nails.


Before removing SNS nails, the gel area is sanded off before and then, they are saturated in acetone. SNS nails can be maintained for as long as you want to, although you need to replace them after a few days depending on how you care for your nails or your lifestyle.

Using this product will harm or damage your nails in any way The damage could come during the removal, as with most nail enhancements.

Visit a nail specialist to take care of the removal because if not done correctly or peeled off, it removes layers of the nails and this causes it to break, peel off or weaken.

If you have rocked the SNS nails, tell us what you think.