Natural remedies to treat depression

Depression has become more common in the recent years than it ever was. Feelings of helplessness, anxiety, negativity and inability to breathe are the common symptoms of depression. Anybody suffering from depression would first consider consulting a psychiatrist. Where I am not opposing the idea of medication, a doctor can never really be sure of how the patient’s inner disturbance may respond to medicines. At one time, medication may prove as the best treatment, at other times at may risk the lifestyle and health of a patient forever.

Believe it or not, there are some natural remedies that can help you beat depression better than any medication or counseling. Prior to mentioning these remedies, know that they work better as they heal you within. Unlike medication they detoxify your body of all the toxins resulted from the biochemical reactions of mind to stress.

So what are these remedies that can help you get rid of depression before getting hooked to those addictive antidepressants that only ruin your health in the long run?

  • Exercise

Exercise is not only a fitness regime. Exercise has much more to do with your body and brain than simply putting your body into shape. When you regularly start exercise, the older tissues of your body are destroyed; the muscles go through contraction and expansion that helps the blood circulation. A recent study suggested that antidepressants show effectiveness within 12 months whereas exercise shows effectiveness within 10 months.

  • Diet

Diet as we all know has a lot to do with our health. If you are not eating healthy, you will eventually somewhere in life fall prey to anxiety and depression. Give up on sugar and processed foods. Sugar note increases the symptoms of depression. Fish oil and omega helps reduce the symptoms of depression.

  • Focused meditation

Focuses meditation can help you eliminate the negative thoughts that are the fuel of depression. Negative thinking eventually builds a pattern of anxiety and depression by changing the chemical structure of the body.

  • Meditation

Simple meditation technique is best effective to bring your mind and body in peace. To meditate has been made very difficult by implying it to be a technique only practiced by spiritual gurus. However, know that meditation is simple and requires nothing more than your time. Sit quietly in a peaceful place and concentrate on your breathing. Let any thought that come to your mind pass peacefully (do not force yourself to reach a state). The point of meditation is to relax and cherish the moment of “nothingness”.

  • Drinking water

We have discussed diet above but I will put the importance of water separately. By drinking water your body naturally comes down to peace. However, when treating depression the way to drink water has to be different than we usually drink it. You have to drink a glass of water in three gulps by a 5 minute break in each. Consider it a remedy or medicinal way so that it may show its effects to the fullest.